A/C Electric Motor Laminations and Die-cast Aluminum Parts

Mimco is pleased to offer our customers parts of exceptional quality and value. The motor laminations, stators, rotors and die-cast aluminum parts we provide reflect our commitment to excellence. Contact one our supply chain experts by emailing us at quotes@mimco.com or by telephone at 610-494-7400 to receive your custom quotation.


Motor Components:

Laminations, Stacks, Wound Stators and Die-Cast Rotors

Laminations Induction motors & generators
BLDC motors
Dia. 40mm to 1000mm
Dia. 40mm to 180mm
Stator stacks Induction motors Max Dia. 1000mm
Max core length 360mm
Rotors Induction motors Max Dia. 200mm
Max core length 360mm
Wound stators & rotors 2, 4, 6 & 8 poles as per requirement for motor/generators  


Laminations/Stampings For Electrical Machines

  • Capacity: 2000 MT of laminations per month
  • Range: Dia. 105mm to 1000mm
  • High speed presses with progressive dies: For laminations Dia. up 500 mm
  • Compound dies and CNC nothing machine: For laminations from Dia. 500mm to 1000mm
  • Advanced quality control tools and systems to maintain high accuracy
  • High speed presses - 10 Nos.: From 100 Ton to 550 Ton capacity
  • Sophisticated Tool Room for die making, calibration and maintenance of dies
  • Tool room equipments -
    • 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Surface grinders
    • CNC Milling
    • CNC Lathe


Aluminum Die-cast Parts for Electric Motors:

Die-Cast Components For Electrical Motors, Generators and Allied Machinery

  • Ability to cast copper rotors
  • Precision components in Aluminum Alloys as per customer specifications
  • Consistent sound castings
  • In-House measurement of electrical conductivity
  • Precision machined to customer specifications


Aluminum die-cast rotors 99.7% Al and alloys Up to 200mm OD and 360mm length
Rotors up to 8kg Al casting weight
Copper die-cast rotors EC grade Cu and alloys Up to 100mm OD and 120mm length
Rotors up to 2kg Al casting weight
Aluminum/Zinc alloy motor components ADC 12/Zamak Up to 180mm Diameter and 35mm height
Parts up to 1kg weight


Aluminum/Zinc Alloy Die-cast Parts for Other Applications:

  • Materials: Aluminum ADC12/Zamak
  • Up to 180mm diameter (7.086 inches)
  • 35mm height (1.378 inches)
  • Part weight up to 1 kg (2.205 pounds)